Early Education and Care for Every Child

The Need in San Francisco

San Francisco currently has more than 2,400 children on the waitlist for subsidized early care and education, and more than 1,600 of these children are under the age of 3.

While it costs $12,630 a year to attend UC Berkeley, for an infant or toddler to enroll in early education and childcare in San Francisco it costs a staggering $20,000 a year.

Medical, education and behavioral specialists all agree: the most critical time in brain development is from birth to 3 years old. By the time a child turns 5, 90% of their brain is developed. Children with professional early education go on to succeed best in their education path, and San Francisco cannot afford to fail its future students.

A Brighter Future

We can make high quality early care and education available for all San Francisco families by raising commercial tax rates in the City closer to the national level. From those who make very little but can’t currently access care because of long waiting lists to middle class families who are overburdened with the high costs of early education and care for their children.

Make sure San Francisco teachers and caregivers receive wages that will ensure a well-trained, stable and quality workforce.

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